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A good quality ethical bribe targets your exact audience so you can build a highly targeted & engaged email list.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet genuinely a freebie gift of value that you can giveaway to your prospects in exchange for their information – which in most cases is usually their email address.

E-Books & Reports in PDF format are the most commonly used Lead Magnets that people give away for free.

However there are plenty of different Lead Magnets that can be offered to entice people to take action.

The goal of a Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads into an email autoresponder to follow up with and generate sales.

Why is it called a Ethical Bribe?

In this form of advertising both parties win from the exchange.

The marketer is happy because a highly targeted subscriber who is interested in the exact niche that the marketer is promoting is now part of their email list.

The prospect is happy because they’ve received value up front in the form of content which they can take away and consume at their own time.


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Why do you need a Lead Magnet?

Having a high quality lead magnet (ethical bribe) makes your job as a online marketer much more easier as you’re able to attract the exact audience that you want to your email list.

In this day and internet age, obtaining a prospects email address is a very valuable transaction.

Having a highly irresistible lead magnet delivers real value to prospects up front and piques their interest to begin your relationship on a positive note.

The email newsletter signup form can be presented to the audience in the middle, or end of a blog post or on the sidebar of a website.

Lead magnet content is provided after someone has successfully signup to a email newsletter.

How to create a Lead Magnet utilizing other people’s work

There are many places online where you can use other people’s work as lead magnets on your website.

These are called PLR (Private Label Rights) Products.

The author/creator of these works will give you permission to giveaway and/or to sell their work as part of their license agreement.

You’ll need to purchase the reseller rights to this product in order to distribute it as a lead magnet.

Be sure to check the license rights before selling or giving away your PLR content.



What different types of Lead Magnets are there?

  1. eBooks
  2. Guides/Reports
  3. Cheat Sheets/Handouts
  4. Video Training/Webinars
  5. Toolkits/Resource Lists
  6. Free Trials
  7. Survey/Quiz
  8. Discounts
  9. Sales Material
  10. Consultation


Need extra help creating a Lead Magnet with Master Reseller Rights?

how to create a lead magnet

How To Create A Lead Magnet eBook gives you the step by step approach to create lead magnets (ethical bribes) and draw in the traffic you need to boost online visibility, increase rank and strengthen credibility.

The more open exposure you have online the better.

This is the tool to help you increase your numbered prospects you have joining your focused list.

These tips and pointers are going to help you create your lead magnet and that’s going to drive you closer to your online business goals.


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Where can I get these PLR Products?

There are websites that are dedicated to selling quality PLR (Private Label Rights) content that give you the license to resell or giveaway the content on your website.

The PLR content usually comes with sample sales pages, images, email swipes, covers and the files that you can use for your lead magnet.

If you wish to get access to the top 5 websites that I personally use myself for creating lead magnets...

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A good quality ethical bribe targets your exact audience so you can build a highly targeted & engaged email list.
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