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Solo Ads are an effective way of driving traffic to your offer.

If you want fast results when starting an online business, then spending money will definitely help speed things up!

If you’re spending money on traffic or outsourcing work for your business then you have the ability to earn that money back but you can never buy back TIME.

By purchasing Solo Ads, it gives you access to FAST, hyper targeted traffic that has usually been collected from forums, social media, banner ads and other marketers that you can promote your offers too in order to make money and grow your list.

This form of lead generation is extremely SCALABLE and you can easily start with a very small budget to test your funnels and offers out without spending weeks and months waiting for a small amount of leads to drip in from free traffic sources to find what’s working and what’s not working.

Solo Ads provides you with leads.

If you’re not getting any LEADS than you’re NOT in business.

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Traffic For Me

How The Solo Ads Tracking Sheet Works


Why Should I Be Tracking My Links?

All professional marketers take note of where they’re spend their money and if a campaign is doing well.

If you don’t have anything in place you could be spending your money and burning a hole in your own pocket.

The tracking links will give you how many clicks you have received and how many people have taken action on your page.
By knowing what is successful, you can then scale up your efforts and keep getting more results.

You’ll know who is the best person to purchase more Solo Ads through.

Without tracking your links you have no idea where your traffic is coming from and if your campaign is successful or a complete flop!


Why Should I Be Logging My Results?

  • You can take record of your Solo Ad campaign to see how successful it was with the Solo Ad provider.
  • You can track how many signups you have received each day.
  • The amount of money that you have spent on advertising.
  • The amount of clicks purchased vs the amount of clicks that you have received in total.
  • Your average opt-in rate.
  • Your average cost per click (CPC).
  • The average amount of money you spend on clicks.
  • The average received clicks in total.
  • The average signups in total.
  • Who your favorite seller is and your favorite network.


Where Can I Purchase Soloads?

One of my #1 sources is UDIMI.

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UDIMI is a Solo Ad vendor marketplace where you can spend money to purchase click to drive leads to your offers.

There are also Solo Ad Providers on Facebook and various Facebook Groups that are dedicated to providing results for Solo Ad runs.

10 Dollar Solo Ads is an affordable option to send a email blast to their list.

10 Dollar Solo Ads also provide a free ad writing service as part of their package and you get to choose your targeting categories and specific location that they send your ad to.

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TrafficForMe is a traffic agency where you can send out an email with your link to one of the following marketing list:

  • BizOpp, CryptOpp, and M.M.O.
  • Internet Marketing
  • Health and Diet
  • Personal Development
  • Forex, Binary, Bitcoin, Crypto
  • Survival and Prepping

Choose the amount of clicks that you want to purchase and you’re up and running.

Traffic For Me

What Do I Need To Get Started?

  1. Money
  2. A squeeze page (landing page)
  3. An Autoresponder to follow-up with your email leads. This sends out automated emails to your email list to get them to know, like and trust you to purchase offer from you.

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