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Solo Ads Secrets


Solo Ads Secrets is a short course to discover some top strategies for finding high quality solo ads sources that most marketers never even knew existed.

Come take this journey of discovering highly targeted sources of traffic to bring potential buyers of your product straight into your funnel and onto your email list.

Every marketer knows that the money is in the list and without quality traffic looking at your offers, you don’t have a business!


Who Is Andre Nurmik?


The Solo Ads Secrets course was created by Andre Nurmik, from Inbox Mastermind.

Andre successfully ran his own solo ads store and now has become a content creator to help struggling marketers learn how to master getting quality traffic.

It’s the most affordable course to save you money and to help get sales!




Need High Quality Traffic To Promote Your Business?

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Solo Ads Secrets

Solo Ads Secrets Review Introduction


My name is Peter Lowen and I have been purchasing solo ads since 2016.

When I first started as an affiliate marketer online I knew that all of the top marketers where using solo ads to build their audience and email list fast!

Powered by this knowledge I reached out to many solo ad vendors only to get burned. One up to the tune of $5000 to teach me some unethical tactics that the dodgy solo ads vendors use in order to grow and sell their lists.

To my better judgment, I pulled the plug on that opportunity quickly and got around a circle of honorable and trustworthy solo ad vendors who send me endless supply of top quality leads to my offers.

Now after arming myself with the knowledge of this course, I'm able to get highly targeting and engaged traffic to my offers and I'm ecstatic with the results so far!




What To Expect From This Course


  1. Understanding what true a solo ad should look like.
  2. How some solo ad vendors get up to their shenanigans by sending fake or low quality traffic just to complete your order.
  3. Understanding quality traffic and how tracking is so important as a marketer.
  4. Where and how to identify high quality solo ad vendors.
  5. Andre's top strategy to build a power email marketing list of hungry and eager buyers.



Getting Started


Getting Started


If your newbie to internet marketing or have had some experience with solo ads but haven't got any results yet, Andre has made a simple course to help you out!

This is a small collection of training videos to assist you with your next solo ads marketing campaign.

All internet marketers can take advantage of this training to identify areas of improving your marketing to get top results.

Solo Ads Secrets is a simple and easy course to start and implement the teachings straight away, track your results and scale on your efforts.




What You Will Learn

Lesson 1: Understanding Traffic


In the first lesson, you'll learn how to choose the right traffic generation strategy that is perfect for your business.

Not all traffic is created equal. Every traffic source has it's pros and cons, with a completely unique mindset for those people checking out your offer.

Your marketing needs to be specific for the platform that you're on for it to be truly effective.

With Solo Ads, you can find people who have already purchased products in your niche who are hungry for more product offers.


Lesson 2: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Solo Ads World


In this lesson, you'll discover the most common traps in the solo ads industry.

Get an industry insight into the underground "shenanigans" some solo ads vendors are doing to deliver you low quality traffic, just so they can complete your order.

This is one of the most valuable lessons of this course, as it can ultimately save you hundreds, if not thousands in solo ad spend.

Instead, Andre will show you how a REAL solo ad should look like and what to look out for the next time you order a solo ad from a vendor or marketplace.


Lesson 3: Why Tracking Is Important?


The purpose of tracking your solo ads or any form of advertising is to generally to provide a measurement of the effectiveness of the current advert.

Without tracking, it's almost impossible to track the performance, identify trends or problems and to correctly fix any problems.

Tracking can detect any fake or low quality traffic a solo ads vendor is sending you and proof to keep them accountable for their actions.

You can certainly identify traffic sources that are working and scale up your advertising campaigns to get more sales!


Lesson 4: Popular Marketplaces and Solo Ads From FB Groups... Any Good?


The funny thing about following the crowd is, that the crowd could be leading you astray!

A lot of people refer marketers to solo ad marketplaces [ Just Like This One ] or to Facebook Groups. However, these are the sources where you could find good vendors or a lot of shady vendors.

In this lesson, Andre will share his insights into the industry and educate you on how to use these mainstream sources and how to find the best vendors for your offer.

You can never be to careful to ensure that you're spending your advertising budget wisely!


Lesson 5: My Top Strategies To Find High Quality Solo Ads In Any Niche


In this lesson, Andre will share his top strategy that he has been using for years to find quality solo ads sources that some marketers don't even know exist!

Here is a proven strategy to build a powerful email list of hungry and interested buyers of your offers.

As you know, the money is in the list but you need to have the right audience on your list that you can build a rapport with. People need to know, like and trust you before they will purchase from you.

This can be the missing piece of the puzzle if you're struggling with getting sales with solo ads. Don't miss out on the chance to improve your marketing skills!


Lesson 6: Mobile vs Desktop


This is one of the most debated topics within the solo ads industry - mobile traffic vs desktop traffic.

Most marketers who are using solo ads have so many questions regarding it. Should you use only desktop traffic and does mobile traffic convert just as good?

Let's settle this debate right now and discover how to make both work for you.

In this lesson, Andre will share all of the answers to all of these questions, plus put your mind at ease for your next solo ads purchase.





How Much Money To Get Started?


The Solo Ads Secrets Course is $7 (Normally $47) to get lifetime access.

Please Note: This price can change at any time without warning.

Look at my bonuses below if you would like to take advantage with this offer and get access to this course.



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Is Solo Ads Secrets A Scam?


Solo Ads Secrets is NOT a scam.

I've personally been on many webinars with Andre Nurmik and my online business has improved ten fold since learning from Andre's courses and live training sessions.

Take advantage of this low price for such an awesome course on solo ads marketing.

The information that you'll learn from this short course is pure gold. Do yourself a favor and before you purchase your next solo ad from a vendor, be sure to complete the Solo Ads Secrets course.





My First Week Testing What I Learned and My Results


It never really crossed my mind that this simple little strategy from Solo Ads Secrets that Andre recommended could have some really great results.

The advice that Andre gave in the course as his "Top Strategies" to finding high quality solo ads in any niche empowered me to take action and reach out to audiences who are seeking my offers.

I'm definitely more aware now of how the solo ads industry operates and avoiding shady vendors like a plague.

I'm all about making my marketing budget work for me and this course has been an absolute eye opener to improving my marketing efforts.


Peter Lowen Testimonial

I was supplied with a "Review Copy" of this course and this is an 100% honest review of this product.

The Solo Ads Secrets course is a short course but very to the point as Andre doesn't hold back with lifting the curtain to the industry.

The course does feel a little bit rushed towards the end and there are no examples or templates to reaching out to solo ad vendors. This is by no means holds anyone back from getting the information required from this course to implement everything that is taught by Andre.

You really get bang-from-your-buck from completing this course and it's worth much more than the advertised price point. If you're sitting on the fence with purchasing this course, throw your hat over and spend a small investment for a long term education gain to your online marketing skill set.

Plus I was able to track all of the solo ads vendors using my free Solo Ads Tracking Sheet which you can download from here.

Solo Ads Secrets Verdict


Solo Ads Secrets really blows of the lid to the solo ads industry and gives you the perfect insight on how to be successful with solo ads marketing.

Some marketers guess their way to success or try to piece together what the top marketers are doing and make an attempt to get similar results only to fail.

The Solo Ads Secrets course takes the guess work out of running a solo ads campaign and paints a perfect picture on how to run the right traffic to your business.

This course is recommended to any online or affiliate marketer who wants to kick-ass with their solo ads marketing and get sales!








Solo Ads Secrets Bonuses


BONUS #1: 30 Minute Strategy Call


After purchasing the Solo Ads Secrets course, you'll have the opportunity to request a strategy call with Andre Nurmik, the course creator himself.

Andre normally charges $497 for a strategy session, but this is a huge opportunity to discuss your solo ads effort with Andre and get some sound marketing advice.

In short, you can talk with an online marketing expert who will take a look at your business and point out areas where you can improve to make more sales.

This is not a sales call, it's an opportunity to get 30 minutes of marketing expert advice to improve your next solo ad campaign.


BONUS #2: Access To Andre's Private FB Group + Live Training + Future Updates of Solo Ads Secrets


After purchasing the course, you'll get access to the active Facebook Group where you can enjoy further live training from Andre Nurmik and get advice from other marketers.

You'll get access to a community of like-minded people who are on the same solo ads marketing journey as yourself that you can learn from or share information with.

The biggest bonus of joining the Facebook group is access to future updates about solo ads and bonus lessons will be free for you.


BONUS #3: Affiliate Blueprint Course


Get access to a bonus course under the Inbox Mastermind brand where you can get an insight into both sides of the affiliate marketing industry.

Learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer and create your own products (courses, eBooks etc.) and let affiliates promote it for you.

Take your business to new heights with an outlined blueprint to affiliate marketing.

If you've been struggling to get momentum with your online business then this course is a must watch!


Get Access To My Bonuses By Purchasing Solo Ads Secrets Through Me!


GET YOUR BONUSES: To get access to the bonuses, please click the "Send My Bonuses" button below and supply me with your Clickbank purchase ID number and I will provide you the link and password to access your unique bonuses!



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Solo Ad Guru eBook


BONUS #1: Solo Ad Guru eBook


The Solo Ad Guru eBook is a step in the right direction when starting out with your first solo ad campaign.

The eBook covers how to find solo ads in your niche and digging deep into your mailing list to find opportunity to make more sales.

Included in the eBook is a sample email script and how to reach out to list owners to discuss how much to pay and ad swaps.

Solo Ad Guru is a must for anyone starting out with solo ads especially covering the importance of tracking for sales success.


Solo Ad Breakthrough


BONUS #2: Solo Ads Breakthrough Course


Solo Ads Breakthrough will share a massive traffic formula that will increase the flow to traffic to your offers.

This is a simple short course that will show you literally how to zone in on your target audience and get sales with solo ads.

You'll be provided with simple and easy strategies to implement as well as marketplaces to find solo ad vendors for your offers.

If you're looking to get your first sales breakthrough with solo ads traffic then this course is a must!


Email Swipe download


BONUS #3: Email Swipe Package


Get exclusive access to my top performing emails that you can add to your email autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse to engage your list.

These swipe files can be edited and changed to suit your audience and is the perfect addition to the Solo Ads Secrets course.

Save your money in hiring a highly paid copywriter and take advantage of these email that you can custom edit to suit your targeted audience.

These emails have made the biggest difference with my email campaigns with setting the tone with my audience and you'll have great results with them too.




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