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How to stay off Santa’s Naughty List this Christmas year.



Christmas time is a very magical time of year and because it’s so close to another great time of year, New Years.

It’s also a time where most people reflect on what they’ve accomplished for the year and start writing down some business and personal goals for the upcoming year.

All too often, we tend to see some really interesting and outright outrageous marketing techniques on the internet and some online marketers that are absolutely clueless about the whole networking industry.

This is not necessary a fault on their behalf, as they could be part of a company or business opportunity but they haven’t been taught any of the fundamental steps to network efficiently to close prospects.

While the leaders sit back on the sidelines and cringe, laugh and cry instead of offering them some much needed love and support.

With that in mind, here are a few things to keep you off of Santa’s Naughty List.


How to keep off Santa’s Naughty List


1. Preaching a dream and living an absolute nightmare

How many social media accounts have you seen over the past year preaching a life of freedom with a few happy snaps of these people in front of vehicles and houses that they don’t own and throwing cash pretending it’s a lifestyle that they live, when in reality they haven’t made a single dime online.


Stay happy and humble… There is no need to fake it until you make it.

People aren’t stupid and they can see straight through that kind of deception online.

The more genuine that you come across to people, the more they’re going to stick by you and want to join your team.


2. Pitching Pitching Pitching

Some online marketers reach out to prospects and the very first thing that they do is pitch them straight away without getting to know them first or find out if their offer is a perfect fit for one another.

Another telltale sign of these pitchfest pirates can been seen on their social media profiles where there is little to hardly any value, they’re not interacting with their audience and most of their post are pitching their products and offers.




Stay calm and take a chill pill.
Learn to build a relationship with people first. The key word here is: RELATIONSHIP.

Build up some rapport. Get to know them.
You don’t need to be creepy and weird about it.

Identify if they’re going to be a perfect fit for what you have to offer first.

3. Telling people to go all in with their investment

With the rise of the cryptocurrency MLM companies and everyone jumping on the wave of the explosion of Bitcoin awareness, one of the latest problems is when an affiliate goes out and starts talking about “investments” and “returns on investment” then they’re basically an unlicensed broker that is promoting a security and effectively breaking compliance with the company that they’re promoting.

Strangely enough, these people tend to be so fixated on the hype of Bitcoin and Forex Trading and how excited that it makes them feel to be apart of it, that they tend to forget that the people that they’re talking to may not share that same enthusiasm for crytpocurrency or Forex trading as they do!

All of a sudden, there are all of these overnight expert Bitcoin and Forex fanatics who give way their advice that you should take every single penny that you own and dump it on this share or this coin.


They should turn the dial down a few notches and stop scaring people off by having a casual conversation with their prospects first.

They should think of ways of educating their prospects through video training and step by step guides to get into the industry.

Pre-qualify their prospects first to find out if they are in a financial position and ask if they have any interest in some information on Bitcoin/Forex Training material.

4. Focused on signups and not helping people

There are some online marketers out there with the wrong mindset for an online business.

Their main focus is to collecting money and get as many signups as they can but they rely to heavily on the company that they’ve signed these people up too, to provide the training for their team but they’re not willing to help and share the successful actions that they themselves are taking that they could be sharing with their team.


Be a leader and step up and help your downline be successful by providing some training on how to get started in this industry.

They should let people leverage off them. Be the example of a true leader and share what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

A lot of network marketers feel that if they share what they’re doing than the team will steal sales away from them.
This type of limited belief leads to people dropping out of the team and not getting quick team duplication.

You only succeed when your team succeeds!

5. Not making a commitment to your team


As your building a team it’s super important to coach and mentor the people that join under you.
They’ve joined you for a reason.

You should be able to lock arms with those people and help them achieve success.

They’re there to also help you become successful… so when they’re successful you’re successful.
So it’s so important that you support them.

All too often you see these leaders grow a team and then disappear for weeks and months on end and then wonder why their team isn’t duplicatable.
Their team members loose faith in them and faith in themselves and the products/services that they’re selling.


Provide your team with a simplified road map, training or step by step plan to success.
Layout how to get started with the business, setting up your webpage, how to attract clients, get leads and how to close your prospects.
The blueprint should be duplicatable for them to pass the information onto their team members.

Don’t over complicate the process – Keep it simple and reach out to your team members, follow up with them regularly and be that accountability partner that they need to help them get to their first break through.

Provide information on a regular basis so that they can easily share that information with their own team members.

6. Building a list, checking it twice, make sure you’re emailing regularly to be nice.

How often are you keeping up with your list?

If you forget your list, then your list is going to forget you!
If you’re neglecting your list and not emailing them daily/weekly then you’re missing on potential sales.

People don’t necessarily buy on the very first time that they receive an email from you.

It may take weeks, months, years before someone in your list commits to a buying decision.


Make a schedule to write emails and keep to it!

Provide people with value and stories in your emails and remember to promote your offers.

7. Don’t be tied down to the outcome.


Some internet marketers get all built up and convinced that they’re going to get a sale, then the prospect turns around and says they’re not interested.

Some react by getting angry and upset with that person that they’ve been chatting to or.. they’ll keep pushing them to get the sale (when the prospect has already clearly outlined that they’re not interested.)


Understand that not everyone is going to sign up under you.

Not everyone is going to be a perfect fit for your company, promotion or offer.

Put your emotions aside, put your game face back on and work on contacting your next prospect.

If you’ve built up in your mind that the next person that you’re going to speak to is going to say “no“, you’ve likely already talked yourself out of a sale without even knowing it or the energy that you portray is going to pass onto that person and they’re going to turn you down.

8. If you’re friends and family aren’t inviting you to Christmas, I know why!

There is a cultural stigmata with internet marketers that when these people come out to family events, group events or out with friends, the common trend is to avoid these people at all cost.


Because what tends to happen is most people flock way from these people and they’re spending the day fearful of being pitched and then having to respond back to their friend or family member with a nervous “no“.


Learn how you can find leads or purchase leads online so you don’t have to ask your family and friends to sign up to your opportunity/offer.

9. Remain focused all year round.

Working on personal development is the key.
If you have access to the internet than you have the world at your fingertips.
You can research the greats by Googling them or you can watch YouTube videos about any subject or topic.

A true Internet Marketer works closely with their team, providing support, value and passing on knowledge and wisdom for the teams success.

It call comes down to one core thing. That is emotional investment. The more emotionally invested you are in anything in your life. The less critical and the less objectively observant you become and your focus becomes more on how you can help others succeed.


Set some time to read, do training and spend time on personal development.

Connect with your tribe… people are inspired by other people. Get yourself around industry leaders and mentors that are going to lift you higher and motivate you to get back into the game!

10. Jumping from one shiny object to another.


Too often we see an Internet Marketer go from advertising a product/offer/opportunity to completely dropping out of that company and then promoting a brand new company to their team and talking them out of their original company that they originally signed up for.

So the people in their team are riding their leaders emotional up and down roller coaster as every few months as the leader hits another rock bottom and they’re still unable to bring new team members into their company. They just say it’s too hard and give up and look for the next bright shiny opportunity that may bring them closer to the success that they’re in search for.


They should be doing more research on how to effectively build a team by reaching out to leaders within the industry or seeking a mentor or coach to provide them with the necessary skills to succeed in this industry.

Don’t be afraid of the grind. You can’t expect a 2 hour work week on the very first day if you’ve only just started.
How do you expect to win if nobody knows that you’re in the game?


Time to reflect

Having read this article how do you feel you performed this year and what improvements and goal will you be setting for next year?


Have a Merry Christmas




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An Internet Marketers Guide To Staying Off Santa's Naughty List
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