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Pinky Cat Review

The Pinky Cat Game Review


The Pinky Cat Game was developed in 2018 by PixelPete AKA Peter Lowen and his daughter Maddison.

The idea of the game was by the mind of Maddison with her love of cats and the color pink!

The game is fun and easy and can easily be completed in 5-10 minutes.

There are some great game elements which makes the game style unique with some custom characters that were created by other developers and some “bad guys” that were created by Peter Lowen.

The main character is a pink cat called “Pinky Cat” which is a customized character that was developed by the original developers at Bloxels.


pinky cat game


The cat has been recolored and has been given a black gun to attack the “bad guys” enemies within the world.

The cats tail has been animated differently to give a new feel to the character.

The game was developed using an Apple iPad and an app called Bloxels Builder.

We’ve used a purchased a Bloxel’s Starter Station to create some game worlds and to create “Brains” for our enemies. (More about Brains later in this review)

It’s a free app that can loaded onto an IOS or Android Mobile or Tablet device and you can start creating your own 8-bit style games that are similar to the Super Mario Bros and Pacman games that we all know and love.



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The Object of The Game


The object of the game is simple. To collect cat food!
What do cat’s love the most… food!

So Pinky Cat’s mission is easy. To collect as many cat food tins within the world as possible without the “Bad Guys” enemies attacking her.

The game is completed when you pass the final boss level and reach the end flag.


cat food


The Hidden Room Full of Money!


There is a secret room hidden somewhere on the map and unfortunately if you want the full game review on YouTube than we may have already spoiled the surprise for you.

However, it is a lot of fun just finding this room on it’s on and collecting as many coins as you can.


secret room

The Power Ups


There are some helpful boxes within Pinky Cat’s world that will help her along her journey and to get pass some of the more harder enemies.
There are two boxes to look out for.

The bomb box – Gives you 10 bombs to use.

The hearts box – Increases your health.

The rocket pack box – Allows you to fly in the air.



The Game Board


The game board is part of the Bloxel’s starter station and it gives you the ability to create your own characters and world by placing colored blocks onto the game board.

Once completed you can take a photo using the inbuilt camera on your mobile or tablet and it will automatically capture and upload using the app on the screen.

You can then fine tune any details and be as creative as you want to bring your game to life.

The game can function without the game board by just using the app.

The benefit of having the game board is that you can build “brains” for your enemies.

The “brains” are created using the colored blocks and it gives them further abilities and strengths.

The enemies can become harder to kill by moving faster, firing a weapon and being larger in size.


Game Board

How Much Does The App Cost?


It’s Free


Does It Cost To Play Games or Get Other Elements And Assets From Other Developers?


No, When you start playing other developers games and collect COINS from within their worlds.

The coins from those games add up to your account total coins which you can then spend on the Infinity Wall to download assets (Elements).

A cool things about this setup is that you can obtain other developers creations and then add or modify them to your own world.

The elements (assets) that you create you can upload onto the Infinity Wall for other developers to download and use as well.



Is It Easy To Create Your Own Worlds, Characters, Elements and Animations?


Yes, The app is designed for kids in mind. There are classroom starter packs on the Bloxel’s Builder website.

Everything is drag and drop to create a world and to create your own animations.



Where Can I Play The Pinky Cat Game?


There are two places in which you can play The Pinky Cat game.


1. Using the Bloxel’s Builder App.

  • Download the App to your device.
  • Open the App.
  • Click on the “Infinity Wall” and the coordinates for the game is “2300” | “1” and then click on the “WARP” button to be taken to the game.
  • Click on the play icon to start the game!


2. Using the Bloxel’s Builder Website.

  • Go to the website:
  • Scroll down to “Warp to Any Game
  • Enter the coordinates for the game which is “2300” | “1” and then click on the “Warp To Game” button.
  • Click on the play icon on the screen to get started.


What Do You Need To Get Started Today?


In conclusion, Bloxels is a FREE app, available now for Apple iOS, Android, and Kindle phones & tablets.

it’s fun game creator for kids to get started creating their own world’s and allow their friends and family to play their creations!


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