How A Simple Warehouse Operator Quit His Job and Became Recession-Proof With This Amazing Online Training Course.

Life Is Worth Living Your Way!

Peter LowenDear Friend,

There is a scene in a movie called Jerry Maguire that I always imagined that if I was going to quit my job, I’d love to do. The main character, after talking about leaving the office that he has helped built responds:

"Who's Coming With Me?"

That’s how I use to feel on most days. I was working a deadbeat job for a deadbeat supervisor.

Staff morel was at an all time low.

There was no job security.

People were getting laid off and everyone was guessing if they were the next one on the chopping block.

So, one day when I found myself alone in the office with my supervisor who purposely targeted me for his outright verbal attack… enough was enough!

I wondered how did I ever find myself working in a job that I did not like, in an industry not related to anything that I specialize in.

In fact, most of my friends were wondering why I was even there in the first place.


I rocked up at home and knocked on the door and told my wife that I just quit my job.

I was surprised by her reaction.

She was happy that I quit and thought it was the best thing that I could've ever done.

I wasn't happy and I was bringing that negative energy back home to my wife and kids.

My wife asked what would I do now for work?

And I said that I am determined to make my online business work!

I was my own boss on my own schedule and reporting to no-one.

I would wake up early and stay up late just to earn a sweet living.

But... It was tough. I had no idea where my next paycheck was going to come from.

I still had to put in long hours and I didn't realize how difficult it was to push through all of the noise.

So I had to write emails, make telephone calls, and keep to a tight schedule to meet client deadlines creating websites.

It was fun but it was also very draining and it wasn't an ideal lifestyle as I was missing time with my family even through I was working from home.

So I tried consulting which was all the rage. Great money, choose your own hours but once again very taxing emotionally and very energy draining.

More time away from the freedom lifestyle that I want to live.

Something Needed To Change!

So, I knew that I needed a more effective automation system for my business with less work and more reward.

Feeling frustrated and confused I turned to YouTube for motivation and some answers.

I found a video advert of two guys, a former Accountant and Mining Operator who lived in my city, promoting The Six Figure Mentors and how it provided them with an income to support their traveling lifestyle.

I knew that I was hooked. If these young guys could do it than so could I...

I remember paying for the application of $29.95 and thinking what have I got myself into.

I really wasn't too sure if this training program could help me at the time, but I went in with an open mind and determination to learn as much as I could and apply it straight away.

It had 5 modules with step-by-step video content with an option to become an affiliate marketer and start selling their training programs for high ticket commissions.

I created another company called Business Lifestyle Success and dedicated some time and money on purchasing advertising to promote SFM.

I loved the feeling of sitting at my local cafe with a cup of coffee and plugging away at my business.

Placing ads, tracking the results, watching my email for sales notifications.

It's a simple system and I don't even need to get on the phone to speak to clients as the company does all that in-house themselves which sold me as I hate selling over the phone.

I Was Falling Back On Bad Habits

So, I did OK, for a couple of months. I learned a lot about internet marketing but my focus was more on my own business and it didn’t appeal to me enough to dig into it 110%.

Then, one morning it hit me. I was still focusing on my first business and I was still feeling rundown, tired and very confused.

Sure I was shooting cash into my account better than before but I still haven't achieved the time freedom that I so desperately desired.

I needed help once again but this time I knew who I needed to turn to. So, I turned to my mentors, the SFM community and those friendships that I have attracted to point me in the right direction once again.

I started implementing what I had learned into my new business.

I jacked up my ad spend. I developed some email templates and started emailing my list daily, pitching in every email and it gave me much better results.

And I did OK. I increased my conversions a few extra percentage points.

But I was still not getting the results that would get me to complete financial freedom.

I just wanted answers to why it wasn't working.

Surely it was the offer,
the advertising,
the marketing,
the traffic guy or
my partially completed website that was holding me down and not providing me with sales.

I could blame everyone in the world but really the only person to blame was myself.

You See... I thought that I had all of these problems when really it only required one simple little tweak.

My First Problem Would Be Needing To Recharge My Phone So Often Because of The Amount of E-Mail Opt-In Notifications Going Off.

So, now I'm tracking my results better and I can adjust my ad spend in all of the right places.

Not only am I saving money, I'm also noting where to invest my residual money wisely.

I’ve already seen an increase in profit for the year. And I’m well on my way to getting to "freedom" levels.

What Will I Do with My Freedom?

Well, since I track everything now, I’ve got a list.

  • Spend quality time with the family and friends.
  • I'm a huge basketball fan, I'd travel to attend as many games as I can.
  • Invest time learning more marketing techniques and
  • Walk along the greatest beaches of the world.

And just enjoy living my life.

These are all of the things that excite me, drive me and fulfill me. A few close friends, a basketball game and a casual stroll along the beach.

If you're a dreamer with a vision, you know exactly what I mean.

I Finally Got It And It Was A Good Feeling!

I love reading books.

I enjoy doing every online course that I can find on marketing.

I've been burned by some of the so called online coaches and guru's out there...

They frustrate me because there are so many more popping up each day.

I am not tainted by greed,
I'll stand up for you.... and protect you from the so called hype that the online Gooroos (gurus) feed you which is the same outdated techniques that their not even doing themselves.


I'll share with you "WHAT'S WORKING NOW" the same day by day proven techniques me and other fellow top marketers are doing today to get targeted leads and sales!

There is no extra fluff or BS that you'll hear from me, ever!

I'll share with you all that I have learned and what has helped me along my journey.

If you're serious about learning how to create a successful online business, so you too, can learn the skills to become recession proof then please follow along, ask me questions and I will see you on one of the beaches of the world!

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When in truth I believe that "The money is in the follow-up".

Not everyone buys the first time that they see you.

It could be bad timing, they may not have the money at the time and a lot of other factors.

It's important to keep emailing your list to keep you fresh in their minds.

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Peter Lowen