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LeasedAdSpace Case Study – How a $7 Ad spend landed Peter Lowen $70 in Sales in less than 12 hours…



Get More Traffic, Build Your Business and GET PAID INSTANTLY!

LeasedAdSpace is a simple and easy advertising website that provides an unique one-stop-shop viral marketing and business opportunity platform to promote your offers to a world wide audience.

Instantly reach more online visitors, and dramatically increase your daily website traffic using their advanced viral traffic system. The Leased Ad Space platform delivers multiple ways of advertising your offers on their platform to drive traffic to your offers.

If you have an online business and you’re trying to make money, you need website traffic. Without traffic your business is dead in the water!

With this advertising platform there are no tricks. No gimmicks. Don’t waste your precious time bidding on keywords or hunting down traffic sites that only deliver junk traffic. The LeasedAdSpace system is simple, fast, and effective. For one flat rate, your ads are delivered to high quality visitors on thousands of pages all across the internet.


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The focus after joining this website was understanding that the people that join this website aren't necessarily looking for more business opportunities to join or further offers to promote. If you're promoting business opportunities or offers to this audience you're targeting only a direct few people on this website.

The people that join LeasedAdSpace are looking for traffic to their website.

Doesn't it make sense to provide offers that give the members who join the website more traffic generating opportunities?


Budget & Commitment

To get started with this advertising system you need to invest $7 in the Pearl Package.

Each investment into this system is a one off payment and you have lifetime access to that package.

It is suggested to work your way up in this advertising program and to start from the Pearl package and working your way up each package.

For each package that you purchase you can look at earning 100% commissions on each package you have purchased. If you recommend people to this program you can not only look at earning your investment back but also look at making an income.



What Was Done Differently?

The targeted Banner Ads, Text Ads and Ad Board Ads we advertised traffic offers which converted a lot better than business opportunity offers.

The Solo Ads emails we sent out targeted traffic offers where we landed a $3 lead magnet sale and $67 upgrade.



Here is how you can create your own lead magnet.


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Can The Results Be Replicated?

Yes, consistency is the key!

I know that is sounds a bit cliché but working with what works - works!

Once you find a winning campaign you can then scale up your advertising efforts.


What Changes To Implement For The Future

  • Testing new ad text to see what converts better (Split Testing)
  • Keep tracking conversions using Clickmagick.
  • Create different banner ads.
  • Try animated .GIF Ads to see if those banners convert better.
  • Promote the LeasedAdSpace program to my email list.
  • Create a LeasedAdSpace Review.


Result Summary

Understanding your target audience on any platform is essential for any online marketer to understand.

If you want to produce results you need to understand your targeted audiences and cater to their needs.

Once you truly understand this... the results will follow!




This Is The Exact System Where I Learned This Program


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