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Bonus – Defining Your Instagram Perfect Avatar


Instagram Perfect Avatar

An Avatar’s Purpose

An Instagram Perfect Avatar is a perfect picture of your ideal customer.

By knowing who you’re marketing to, you can create a voice that is going to resonate with your targeted audience.


Who Is Your Perfect Instagram Avatar?

When selling a product and/or service you need to be clear on WHO is your ideal customer, where they’re hanging out and, what is their challenges etc.

Your Instagram Perfect Avatar is a a complete description of a highly targeted client.

By narrowing down your audience you’ll have highly targeted leads, lower your marketing costs and have a huge impact on your overall marketing.


An Example of a Bad Avatar


“My avatar is anyone who is interested in losing 20kg weight in 90 days.”

An Example of a Good Avatar


“My avatar is a female 25-35 years of age, works 9 til 5 job, has a family with 3 kids and finds themselves feeling over worked and time and just wants to escape from her job and feels tired, frustrated that they don’t know about the amazing benefits of my product X.”


An Example of a Perfect Avatar


“My Avatar is 30 years old, her name is Mary and she is a sales woman. She’s wanting to start her own online business for a while now and she has been told by her friends she needs to start a blog but she is unsure where to start.

She is working part-time as well as doing a degree in Marketing online, she does her study on the weekends but has time through the week to dedicate to starting an online business. Mary lives with her boyfriend, they’ve done some travel together but are planning to travel more, they both hate their jobs and they want want to make more money.”


What Makes a Perfect Avatar?


From the first example of the bad avatar the description is very broad.
The perfect avatar, Mary we know a bit about her (Demographics) but we also know about her biggest obstacles are and her pain points. Just a importantly that I know Mary’s pain points are, I also know what she wants MOST (her dreams and aspirations.)

Importance of an Instagram Perfect Avatar

Help Me Help You


By creating your avatar you’ll know:

  • What the focus of your content should be.
  • Who to target your advertising to when doing paid campaigns.
  • When you should publish your content.
  • What types of content to create.
  • Which online communities to join.
  • What their dreams are.
  • What are their pain-points.
  • What is the best solution for them.


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BONUS: Instagram Perfect Avatar Download
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BONUS: Instagram Perfect Avatar Download
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