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Instagram Mastery Course

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Instagram Mastery Course Curriculum

MODULE 1: Introduction
Meet Your Trainer
Who This Course Is For
Getting Results
Starter Mission (Research First)
Mistakes To Avoid

MODULE 2: Instagram Account Setup
Choosing The Perfect Username / @Handle
Choosing The Right Instagram Display Picture
Creating A Professional Bio
Mastering Your Call To Action

MODULE 3: Instagram Mindset
Building A Tribe of Loyal Fans
Converting Followers Into Customers
Setup The Perfect Squeeze Page
Collecting Email Addresses
Converting Emails Into Sales

MODULE 4: Mastering Instagram Copy
The Best Times To Post
What To Post on Instagram
How To Post on Instagram
The Hashtag Game Plan
Tools To Find The Best Hashtags

MODULE 5: The Ultimate Game Plan
Manually Seeking Your Followers
Connecting With Your Followers
Marketing With The DM (Direct Messenger)
Attracting With The Comments
Attracting With The Stories

MODULE 6: Attraction Marketing
The Attraction Plan
Share My Attraction Plan
How It Works
Branding Yourself
What To Write Prospects

Instagram Perfect Avatar (Free Download)
Instagram Schedule Planner (Free Download)
Crafting Great Instagram Comments (Available With Course Only *Now FREE Download)
Instagram DM (Direct Messenger) Template (Available With Course Only *Now FREE Download)


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Instagram Mastery Course Introduction

Instagram Mastery Course

Do you ever wonder how all of the top marketers are attracting quality followers, driving massive leads and converting them into sales? I'm about to share with you one of my top marketing strategies that all of the top marketing professionals are using today.

Not too many of the top marketing professionals will share this resource outside of their confined groups but I believe in order for me to be successful I need the people around me to be successful as well.

Over the past 6 months I have followed all of the top marketers, completing their courses, consuming as much information as I can to be successful with Instagram and today I am going to share with you my results.

I have created 5 Instagram accounts, spent thousands of dollars on Instagram advertising and narrowed down my top 2 successful accounts and I'm going to let you in on my findings.

Let me start off my saying it's a complete misconception that the more followers you have the more sales you will have.
I hear this all of the time! - but - I have met people with 100,000+ followers on their account and have little to no sales and they're asking why they're not getting sales.

There is a simple answer and that's because they're not attracting quality followers.

This course isn't for anyone who isn't willing to put in the time and effort to build their following, sure I can recommend a semi-automated app that will help in the process but this Instagram Marketing strategy is like thousands of other courses on the internet, you will have to apply yourself to achieve any results.

This isn't a push-button fix to your problems because there is no such thing!

If you're ready to learn how to grow a successful following using Instagram then let's get started...


Instagram Mastery Course Research




To begin with we need to research your perfect follower:

  1. Who is the top person within your niche?
  2. What are their interest groups?
  3. What products do they buy?
  4. What are their pains? and what keeps them up at night?


This will help you with your targeting of your perfect Instagram follower.
MARKETING TIP: Spend some time researching who the top people are within your niche.
Chances are your perfect followers are following them.


Mistakes to Avoid

mistakes everywhere


  • Posting too many images and videos that are not relevant to your brand, product and/or services.
  • Posting too many motivational quotes. (I have done a full Instagram account on motivational quotes and sure I attracted a lot of followers really quickly but I found that they were harder to communicate with and to build up trust with you - Sure I got a few sales but not as many as having a personal account with my own name and my own photos and images that showcase me, my day and my business.)
  • If your not communicating to your followers than you're missing out on sales.
  • People want to see who you are and what your doing. (People love a story - If you're able to include video of your day and what you're doing and what you're learning than you will attract Instagram followers.)
  • People not taking advantage of Instagram Stories and Instagram Messages to broadcast a message to their followers.
  • People pitching their followers. Nobody likes someone who is hounding them to buy something from them. It just screams desperation. Your Instagram account should provide images, photos, videos that are going to education, inspire and entertain your followers. If you can educate, inspire and entertain your followers you'll have a dedicated tribe that is going to follow you and eventually buy from you.




Manually Seeking Your Followers



This is where you're research comes in handy (Please complete your research before going to the next step.)
Use your favorite search engine and lookup the influences within your industry.

Then use Instagram Search to find and analyze influences and their target groups.

InfluencerDB is a great program that you can use to help find your best followers.

Connect With Followers



People only do business with people that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. If you're coming across to everyone as someone untrustworthy and only looking at as their next sale they're not going to buy from you.

Instead talk with your followers like their a friend that you want to help them out. Ask them how their day is going? how's their business going? What have they been doing with their business? what has been working? what hasn't been working?

Suggest a solution that has worked for you and then you can slowly put in there what you have done and how it has worked for you.

Power of the Instagram Direct Messenger



Instagram's Direct Messenger System lets you exchange threaded messages with one or more people, and share posts you see in Feed as a message.

This is the most powerful advertising component I believe in Instagram. It's much better than their paid advertising option and here is why - Instagram is a phone app and when you leave a message on Instagram the user will get a notification on their phone and more likely to respond or read that message than an email.




Now there are some winning rules to method that I need to make you aware of...

RULE 1 - Provide VALUE first. Get to know the person and speak to them the same way that you speak to your friends and family members. People can read desperation from what you're typing from a mile away and you'll just look like the hundreds of other hard selling advertisers that are sitting in their Inbox that they haven't bothered to respond to.

Don't expect a response if your doing same hard pitch selling you've been taught from the so called wonder marketing guru from whatever product/service company that promised you if you waste 2-3 hours out of each day the RULE OF AVERAGES will prevail.

Believe me in the online world in this day and age people can just ignore you or delete you because you're the same gullible online marketing monkey doing the same outdated marketing techniques hoping for great results.

The famous Inventor Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." and the same can apply online. If you're not getting the results look at what you're doing and re-read these rules & steps and apply them correctly.

RULE 2 - Listen to the person that your communicating with and treat them the same way you would your very best friend or family member.

RULE 3 - Do NOT pitch or promote your offer, product or service first even if they ask give a general answer and then focus on talking to the person. People love to talk especially if it's about them and what THEY'RE passionate about.

If they ask more information about your offer, products or services that's when you SUGGEST how this has helped others and the changes it has had on your life, the benefits of the product over other products and how it could potentially help them in their lives. (Focus on the end result - Will they feel happier? healthier? relaxed? etc)



Follow these steps to get in contact with targeted prospects:

STEP 1: In the Search bar type in a hashtag to your genre.

STEP 2: A list of people trending in that tag will appear. Click on those who are relevant to your industry that you're looking to prospect.

STEP 3: Once in their profile click on the link in their Bio to take a look at their website. (Background checking before talking to them to get an understand of what they sell.) If they have a great website and promotion leave them alone and go back to STEP 2 if their website is horrible or they don't have a website go to STEP 4.

STEP 4: Go back to the person's profile and click on the 3 dots "..." up the top right of their profile and then click on "Send Message" button.

STEP 5: Generate a message to provide value to your prospect.

BONUS: Click Here to access my done for you Instagram DM Template to download for FREE.

Power of Comments



The best way of getting yourself noticed is by getting out there and making yourself noticeable.

Now this method that I am going to teach you is a good old marketing prospecting at it's finest.

So slap on your hard hat and grab your pick and let's get started:

STEP 1: Spend 30 minutes to 2 hours each day going through your Feed (The list with all of people you're following.)

STEP 2: Look for photos, images and video to comment on.

STEP 3: Leave a positive comment and make it relevant to the image.

Marketing Tip: Don't leave a generic comment like: "I like your profile" and "Wow! This is awesome" etc. It just looks spammy and like you're a bot.

If a follower leaves you a quality question or comment on an image, photo & video that you have posted get back to them as soon as you can with a timely response. Chances are you can start a great conversation with them and it's a great opening to get talking to that person on Instant Messenger.

Top Instagram Marketing Tips



  1. Post 2-3 times a day to keep to Instagram's algorithm.
  2. Use a max of 3 hashtags in your photo, image & video description but preferably add as many relevant hashtags as your 1st comment on each post.
  3. Give a call to action - Ask followers to "Tag a friend" or ask a question for example if you had a picture of a hamburger on the left of the picture and a bowl of fruit on the right hand side, ask your followers which one they would pick for lunch to drive follower engagement.
  4. Add some Emoji's top your descriptions as it makes you standout and be different to your followers. You've got to understand that your followers are flicking through their feed and you need to standout for them to interact with you.
  5. Use images of your everyday life and forget about the motivational quotes in your pictures. Why? I know you ask.
    Because you've been told that motivational quotes work! They don't. Everyone is doing it and Instagram is saturated with motivational quotes. You need to be different to standout in your followers feed.
    The successful Instagram people know that their followers are attracted to their lives not their motivational quotes!
  6. Post only images, photos & videos of yourself and your life. Make it a story and take photos of the things, places, people in your life each day. People are attracted to the story that you tell. You can also tie in what you do with your business with your content without looking too salesy.
  7. The description of your content should only contain a quote from Brainy Quote or Goodreads if you're unsure what to put in the description area. Search on one of these websites for a keyword related to the image, photo or video that you have posted and select the best quote.Alternatively add something relevant about your post in the description and don't be salesy. Nobody wants to read a hard sales pitch on Instagram. Instead promote how you feel about your product or service and how it benefits you and the changes from using,taking & implementing this product or service. Learn how to write good copy.
  8. Share the love. Go out there and look for your ideal follower and like & comment on their posts and message them to talk about them. Don't promote anything that you do - Just focus on them and be a great listener. Get to know them by asking questions about them. Who they are, where they're from, what they do, what's working, what's not working, what are their goals, what research/courses/groups are they involved with.
    If they ask what you do just be generic and provide them with value. If they're genuinely interested in your product they will ask more specific information about your products and services and then that's the best time to pitch your follower.


Instagram Perfect Avatar (FREE Download)

Instagram Schedule Planner (FREE Download)

Crafting Great Instagram Comments (Available With Course Only *Now FREE Download)

Instagram DM (Direct Messenger) Template (Available With Course Only *Now FREE Download)


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