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Managing Your Comments





An important aspect to your Instagram Marketing Strategy must be to craft engagement winning comments to post on Instagram to attract followers to your Instagram Profile. With so many automated apps on the internet it makes it easy for Instagram users to use generic automated messages to post on people’s profiles.

Unfortunately those automated generic comments stick out like a sore thumb and because they’re random and automated you could be commenting a happy comment on someones sad photo which will make you look like an insensitive person and could really damage not only your reputation but also your brand.

The best method is the personal approach where you contact people individually and comment on their post.

Most people struggle with what to comment on Instagram but once you have a strategy in place and learn what to comment to spark engagement you’ll find the whole process reward especially when you start converting followers into sales.

Who Is This Crafting Great Instagram Comments For?


Those who want to attract targeted followers to convert them into sales by following some key examples of what working to attract these followers to your page to spark engagement to build trust and friendship with your growing Instagram Tribe.



How Often Do I Need To Use It?


You can use these examples as a guide to crafting the perfect comments for your audience.
This is a guide only. Once you have mastered the basic understanding and principals behind using the examples provided then you can alter them to work with your targeted audience.



Do I Need To Take The Course To Use The Crafting Great Instagram Comments Download?


Technically no, you do not need to sit the “Instagram Mastery Course” to use the Crafting Great Instagram Comments but you’ll surely benefit from doing the course to know some of the advanced techniques to implement and use to build a better Instagram profile.

(You can’t say that you have read a whole book by just reading the summary on the back of the book!)

The course is self-paced and will provide you with an insight on how to Master Instagram to become Instafamous!


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Importance of Comments


By crafting engaging comments you will;

  • Attract targeted Instagram user to your page.
  • Attract Instagram users friends to your page.
  • Encourage interaction on a post.
  • Potentially set yourself apart as being a go to authority.
  • Encourage others to click on your profile.
  • Potentially get increased sales from those clicking on your Bio Link.




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BONUS: Crafting Great Instagram Comments Download
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BONUS: Crafting Great Instagram Comments Download
An important aspect to your Instagram Marketing Strategy must be to craft engagement winning comments on Instagram to attract followers to your Profile.
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