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17 of the best traffic generating websites for 2019 – 2020. Learn how to get more traffic to your website.

Ask any top marketer the importance of mastering driving more traffic to a website and they’ll tell you that it is a core skill required to make a successful online business!

Every single person looking to make money online needs traffic, without it, you’re dead in the water!

Most people write a blog post or create content and expect people to find them instantly. This never happens…

Having a website is like being lost on a random island. Nobody knows that you are there. In order to get attention you need to set off all of the flares, make a help sign on the beach and burn down half the island if you have to in order to be found.

Now that you know how impossible it can be to be found using the “lost on an island” analogy. Let’s provide you with some sources of traffic to make you stand out and be found online…


How to get more traffic for your website


In this article we’ll explore multiple free and paid traffic solutions to drive targeted traffic to your website.


The Power of Digital Media Buying

Digital media buying consists of purchasing ad space on someone’s website within the industry your target market is in.

Most media buying is done online through online media buying agencies or you can easily do the process yourself through marketplaces.

To get started, you will need to know where your customers hang out online, what websites do they visit frequently?

Using the websites below you can look at advertising banners on selected websites targeting your exact audience.


more traffic buysellads




Look at advertising a wide range of banner sizes and impressions available on selected and well known websites.

Get the best price available to advertise your website through a whole range of categories.

Including, cryptocurrency, travel, beauty & fashion, business & finance, education, gaming, podcasts, technology, and much more!


Visit BuySellAds




more traffic nativeads





Native Ads are slightly bit different than your traditional website advertising banner.

Display ads are designed to promote sales messages. Native ads are designed to promote engaging content.

With Native Advertising your promotion is in the form of stories users want to read without changing the form and function of a website.

These advertisements look clean like they are blog posts from the original owners website.


Visit NativeAds






Bidvertiser helps match advertisers and publishers together to streamline the process for an easy experience.

They accept adverts in Native Ad, Pop Under, Direct Navigation and XML format.

All traffic sources are pre-screened and divided into maximum conversions made. Targeting can be segmented and a detailed view of every bit of traffic can be viewed and optimized accordingly.


Visit Bidvertiser






LeasedAdSpace is a very fast, simple & effectively easy website to get started with to advertise your banners and to send Soloads.

All traffic packages include internal and external advertising and traffic and have the following types of ads.


  1. Text Ads
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Email Marketing/Solo ads
  4. A Public Profile Page
  5. A personal blog where you can post your own unique content
  6. Our AdBoard Directory
  7. Search Engine traffic/all content is public


The website offers affordable traffic packages that I suggest starting from the Pearl Traffic Package and purchasing one at a time all the way up to the Red Diamond Package.

There is also an affiliate program where you get paid on every sale you make, up to 75% commissions paid to you!

Leased Ad Space

[Get access to my case study where I spent $7 and made $70 in sales in less than 12 hours on LeasedAdSpace.]

Signup today to get your free blog to advertise your business and drive more traffic to your website or offers.


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Leverage Other People's Email List Using Soloads

A soload is a one time email blast that a professional internet marketer will send out an email with a link to your offer to their huge email list.

The buyer will purchase a number of clicks and the vendor will send out emails to that amount of subscribers to fulfill the order.
Some vendors will prefer to write the emails themselves as they know their subscribers the best and others will prefer to use your email swipe. (This can be negotiated with the vendor)

The link within the email will take people to an optin page to build up your email list, NOT directly to a sales page or order form.
After someone has successful opted in they will then be redirected to your sales page.

Don't expect front end sales.
That's not the main objective as you can follow up by email to your subscribers using your email followup sequence.
It's just a bonus if you get them.

The more traffic that you have looking at your offer the larger the likelyhood of converting some those visitors into sales.

The majority of sales are usually in the backend through your followup emails as your list will get get to know you better and feel comfortable purchasing from your recommendations.

Soload traffic comes in 3 formats;

1) Solo Clicks - Which is also called "Pure Solo Traffic" comes directly from links from a email broadcast.

2) Funnel Clicks - Are click coming from an external source such as a thank you page from a funnel.

3) Mixed Clicks - Which are a combination of Solo Click and Funnel Clicks.


more traffic Udimi




Udimi is a network which brings marketers and vendors together to promote squeeze pages through a vendor's mailing list called soloads.

Using the marketplace you can choose a vendor and reach out to them to talk about their subscribers to see if the offer you're promoting will be ideal for their list.

You can write your own email swipe (email copy) and supply it to the vendor or allow the vendor to write their own.

The vendor will send out an email to their subscribers to the agreed amount of clicks that you wish to purchase.

A percentage of people will take action & click on the link in the email swipe and visit your squeeze page (offer).


Visit Udimi





Human Eye Balls

Build a responsive email subscriber list by getting 1000's of real human beings to your website with a guaranteed 30% optin rate.

The traffic is 100% tier 1 (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand) top quality traffic.

Human Eyeballs will also build a custom landing page to ensure your guaranteed optin rate.


Visit HumanEyeBalls




more traffic TrafficForMe



Traffic For Me

Get quality traffic to your squeeze page with the easiest traffic purchasing soloads website on Earth.

Purchase clicks in the health, financial, survival, personal development and business opportunity niches.

Select the perfect traffic package to drive visitors to your offer.


Visit TrafficForMe


Share Your Blog Posts & YouTube Videos

Content sharing is the distribution of your content through multiple streams of website platforms in order to drive traffic to your website.

Most people make articles and videos & then do zero marketing and expect people to find what they have created.

For your content to be found it requires the distribution of your link with intent of building engagement and referral traffic.

Without traffic (visitors) to your website, you've just spent your time creating content that nobody is seeing! is more than a content sharing platform as only -1% of suggested content get's approved by their tribe.

You can share your favorite blog post or your Youtube Video link using the easy Google Chrome New Tab addon.

Only the best content gets approved on this network so make sure you're sharing high-quality & relevant marketing content.

Be a Zest Chief by becoming a part of the marketing tribe and fight against content overload and help make the best content available to everyone!


Visit Zest






Promote and share your creative work on Sharree which is a community driven website for content creators.

Share your YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud, Image Designs and Websites to get more viewers, and to connect with other fellow creators.


Visit Sharree







The popular "Stumble Upon" website which was well known for it's simplicity of sharing random websites by clicking on the stumble button allowed users to cycle through random websites. Although the idea was grand, it meant random people that were not targeted were viewing your website and not staying for long. This would affect your website's bounce rate and give your website a bad SEO ranking in the search engines. to the rescue has taken over Stumble Upon and come up with a pinterest-style content sharing platform.

The content can be placed into categories and you have full control over the content that you share, plus the call-to-action and URL that you can write into the description.

On this website you can share your blog posts, web pages and YouTube videos rather quickly & easily with a push of a button.


Visit Mix



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These 3 websites were not mentioned in the video...

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