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Genesis Elite Plus... Millionaire Mentoring


Get access to The Genesis Elite Educational Library and Millionaire Mentoring
(A $10,000 Bonus !!)

Plus full access to myself, my additional training and my complete experience in IT, Website Design, Marketing, Copywriting and Sales.

Real Ordinary People Getting Huge Results!

What You Will Be Getting


Included in your membership is access to the Basics Section of the Genesis Library.
The Basics section is designed to teach you the very basics of internet marketing and begin you on the journey to achieving a full-time income online. As your skills develop and you start to need further education you can then purchase the optional Genesis Library-Advanced.




In Genesis Advanced, you will have access to 16 courses and over 179 audios and videos to help you get any online business off the ground FAST!

If you do anything to make money online today, you need to understand the basic principles of marketing. There are many different forms, or types of marketing, in today’s online arena, each containing different advantages. For example; Email Marketing, Advertising Marketing, Voice Broadcast Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, and so on.




We feel this is the most exciting part of the entire Genesis Library, it is important to understand that your success is usually just a decision away.

We want you to learn how to stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I will” this is why personal and professional development is so important and the main focus of Genesis Elite. Whether you are listening to the success stories of over 20 successful online entrepreneurs to the wisdom and teachings of “The Village of Anything is Possible” you will be on a journey of infinite possibilities.



Earn Commissions on Every Sale You Ever Make…

The easiest $100 commission you will ever make!

…of the Genesis Advanced Educational Library!
Then maximize your income by earning a $1,000 commission from the sale of our Genesis Elite Library!

Creating income with the Exitus Elite Affiliate Program is easy! Once you’ve paid for your Exitus Elite membership, you simply decide which product you would like to be an Affiliate for and purchase that product – the Genesis Advanced for $100 or Genesis Elite for $1,000. Of course being an Affiliate is optional, but with a pay plan like this, why wouldn’t you want to get started today?

(The Genesis Elite Library includes the Basic and Advanced educational materials)


The Exitus Advanced Pay Plan is simple and effective. Customers or members purchase the Genesis Advanced Library directly from you, meaning you receive 100% of the commission instantly!

You can do this over and over again. Your back office system tracks all your payments and tells your customers how you wish to be paid. With just 3 sales a week you can earn income in excess of $1,000 a month!

This is pure direct sales with no levels, or pass ups. SIMPLE!



The Exitus Elite Pay Plan is based on the highly successful, highly lucrative, “One-Up” concept.

What are you waiting for?

For those of you who need or want to make bigger commissions, then our Elite Affiliate Program is what you are looking for.

The Elite Affiliate Program adds the extra benefit of the One-Up concept to the Pay Plan.

The One-Up Pay Plan will generate income faster than any other type of compensation plan. With direct member-to-member payments, you are paid all of your commission upfront, with no waiting, and it’s paid directly to you!

This Pay Plan has consistently been proven to be the fairest and most profitable in the industry.





The “One-Up” simply means that commissions generated on your first sale, along with the person making the product purchase, will “Pass Up” to your sponsor. We call this your “Qualifying Sale.

Watch the video above to learn more about this powerful Pay Plan.

Once qualified, every sale after that creates an endless pay line of commissions for you. There are no limits to how many sales you can make, therefore, no limits to how many pay lines you can have.

Each pay line will earn you a commission from the product sale, and each of those new members will also have to give you a “qualifying sale“. YOU will be the one to benefit from the qualifying sale, by receiving the commission from the sale and the creation of a new pay line. Your commissions are truly unlimited!


One of the most exciting aspects of this Pay Plan is that it’s possible to make $1,000 commissions from Advanced Affiliates in your team who want to upgrade by purchasing the Elite Library!

As you have already seen, you can have hundreds of Affiliates at the Advanced level promoting the Exitus Elite Opportunity. When ANY one of these Advanced Affiliates want to upgrade and purchase the Exitus Elite Library, they automatically “Pass Up” to the first Elite Affiliate. If that’s YOU, this will earn you an additional $1,000 commission and add a new person to your team, creating another pay line for you!

If you are an Exitus Elite Affiliate that is NOT Qualified, this passup from Your Advanced Affiliate team will actually qualify you! How awesome is that?

By combining the earnings potential of the One-Up Pay Plan and a powerful marketing system that does most of the explaining for you, we have created an income-generating powerhouse that IS already changing lives around the world every day.

We invite you to join us today!


RESULTS give you confidence! RESULTS give you self-respect! Most importantly though, RESULTS put income in your bank account! Don’t waste one more minute dreaming about how it could be… JOIN US today and get started!


tick Genesis Elite Educational Library


tick $1K Per Day Facebook Blueprint inside Blackops Underground Marketing Facebook Files Area ($9,000 In Value)


tick Top Recruiting Training - How To Recruit New Reps In 6 To 45 Minutes ($2,000 Value)


tick Ongoing Support In Private Facebook Group and $1,000 Per Day Group Chat ($1,000 Value)


tick 24 Hours Of Interviews With 7 Figure Income Earners ($1,000 Value)

BONUS #1 : Done-For-You Funnel

Start Making Money Today!

» WordPress Website Required
» Access to WordPress Funnel Building Plugin
» Over The Shoulder Training Provided
» Access To All Videos
» Pages Can Be Customized
» Split Testing Opt-in Forms Available

($497 Value)

BONUS #2 : Email Swipes

Highest Converting Email Swipes

» High Converting Email Swipes
» Copy & Paste Text
» Insert Into Your Autoresponder
» Choice of Subject Lines
» Perfectly Structured Content
» Professional Grade Copy

($197 Value)

BONUS #3 : Access To Team Business Lifestyle Success

Leadership Team

» Team Mastermind & Training Calls
» Access To Bonuses (Funnel & Email Swipes)
» Paid Traffic Vault
» Mastermind & Training Recordings
» Software & Training Resources
» Access To Group Only Mastermind & Training Calls

($997 Value)

BONUS #4 : 1 Hour Kickstarter Call With Peter Lowen 1:1

Coaching Call


Having someone to personally get you started and give you that jump start and guidance is something that 97% of the industry never sadly receive.

With me, you'll get a 1-hour start up call and a game plan with step by step guidance on how to get things moving in the right direction.

($997 Value)

BONUS #5 : Real Millionaire Mentoring

Black-Ops Millionaire Mentoring

Having a personal millionaire mentor is something that everybody is looking for. Having a millionaire mentor is the fastest way to cut costly mistakes and help you shortcut your learning curve from years to just a short 90 days!

You will get direct access to three of the greatest millionaire mentors - leaders within the industry with a wealth of knowledge of MLM, Cryptocurrency and Online Marketing that share information daily on our Blackops Underground Marketing Facebook Group.

(Just By Joining The Team)

$15,688 Total Value

For $1,349* Today!

Please purchase Genesis Elite with all of the above bonuses for $1050.

* Price includes your purchase of Exitus Elite Membership for $299 per year from Step 1.
If you have missed step 1. Please go back and purchase a copy of Exitus Elite Membership first.

PLEASE NOTE: You'll be making this payment directly to myself, Peter Lowen.
My PayPal account is my website design business called Constructive Visual.
A One Time Payment of
only $1049.00


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Real People Getting Real Results

Frequently Asked Questions

*** Click on any of the questions below to read the answers. ***

Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

No, you’ll be provided with the funnel (as part of the bonus), chat scripts to use and everything that you’ll need to succeed. If you can post on Facebook and chat with people, you can do this business.

Is There Any Additional Investment After I Join?

It’s $299/year or $99/Quarter for Exitus Elite Membership.

The $1,050 for Genesis Elite library is a one time payment.

There are no further monthly fees and there are no upsells.

This system doesn’t require you to purchase traffic or paid ads.
NOTE: Additional online tools, mentoring and traffic may be useful, but are not required to make profits.

How Fast Can I Start Making Money?

It will depend on you, how coachable you are, how much effort you put in, your mindset and consistency.

How fast are you going to step into leadership? It’s up to you.

How Soon Will I Get Paid?

The same day straight into your PayPal account. ($1000 USD. Commissions.)

I'm Already Promoting Another Opportunity Will Blackops Help Me?

YES!!! You can promote as many business opportunities/MLM companies while still doing Blackops Underground Marketing.
The two will tie into one another.

This strategy is setting up the front-end ATM for your business.

You’ll learn the exact same strategy that the 7-figure earners are making without spending a single cent on paid advertising.

You can promote any opportunity using this strategy and share your offers to your team.

Take Action & Join The Team Today!

PLEASE NOTE: You'll be making this payment directly to myself, Peter Lowen.
My PayPal account is my website design business called Constructive Visual.
A One Time Payment of
only $1049.00


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