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EEC Honest Review

Earn Easy Commissions is a 100% FREE Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System where you can earn $100 as a free member or $500 as a VIP Partner commissions for referring people to your own system link (landing page / squeeze page) to promoting this system.

For every qualified (TIER 1 – Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) signup you can earn $1 as a free member or $1.20 as a VIP Partner.

The website has been created by Chuck Nguyen, from Melbourne Australia and it was released in 2018.

It’s free to join and to get started today!



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Earn Easy Commissions Review Introduction


Earn Easy Commissions


My name is Peter Lowen and I have been an online marketer since 2016. I've been in the online space since 2005 as a website designer and marketer and I have been following Chuck Nguyen content (Website and YouTube Channel) for almost a year when I was introduced to his new product, Earn Easy Commissions.

I joined straight away as a VIP Partner as I believed in Chuck's vision and I could see this a program that will be quite successful.

I joined under Chuck Nguyen but for new members you'll be introduced to this program by your sponsor.

After you enter your email address into the landing page (squeeze page) you'll be taken to a sales page where there will be a video with Chuck Nguyen promoting the Earn Easy Commissions system with a form to the right of the video to signup for a free account.


What To Expect With This System

When you start with Earn Easy Commissions you will be given access to the EEC members dashboard.

  1. You'll need to watch the "START HERE: Introduction" video.
  2. Follow each of the 3-steps in the menu.
  3. Click on "Step 1: How To Get Started" section.
  4. Click on the "Step 2: Become a VIP Partner" section.
  5. Click on the "Step 3: Zero to $10,000 Project" section and watch all of the training videos.

Once completed you'll need to start promoting your EEC System Link. (Landing Page/Squeeze Page) to start earning your commissions.


EEC Website


Getting Started

As simple as Chuck tries to make the website, members that are new to affiliate marketing are often left confused as to what to do now to get started.

Whereas seasoned affiliate marketers can pickup from the training videos the exact methods to get started.

For new members that are unsure or if you're looking to promote this system - your whole world revolves around promoting your EEC System Link, which is the landing page/squeeze page that your visitors enter their email address into for you to capture their email into your email autoresponder.

You just need to drive traffic to this page using free or paid methods that are taught throughout Chuck's training videos.

You're also given Promotional Marketing Tools & Resources as a free member to promote this system.

Then it's all into your hands as to how much money you earn though the amount of effort that you apply to driving traffic to your EEC System Link.


EEC Landing Page


How Does Earn Easy Commissions Work?


You'll get a EEC System link which is a landing page (squeeze page) to capture email addresses from the traffic that you drive to the page.

After a visitor successfully enters their email onto the page they'll be taken to a sales page which will have a video of Chuck explaining the Earn Easy Commissions system and there will be a form to the right of the screen.

For every successful qualified signup from this page if they're from a TIER 1 country (Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) you'll receive $1 as a free member or $1.20 if you're a VIP Partner.

Once your visitor has completed signup they'll be taken to the members area where they'll go through the 3-step menu.

If your member becomes a VIP Partner, you'll earn $100 as a free member or $500 as a VIP Partner.



How Much Will I Need To Spend To Get Started?

You are presented with two options when you get started;

OPTION 1: Completely FREE and EEC sends our your basic email followup sequence and stores your subscribers.
With this option you earn money from referring your leads to the system but you have no further control over being able to promote any further offers.

OPTION 2: There are two subscription programs to get started. One comes with a 14-day trial to track your leads and conversions and the other stores your email followup sequence.

The first monthly budget just for the subscription service is roughly: $27 / month.

If I was starting out I would choose option 2. If you're serious about having an online business than it's going to require some deal of income to get started!

If you don't have a budget to get started I would still choose option 2.

You have 2 week if you're committed to making the change that you want in your life than you'll work harder than the average person just starting out knowing that you're time frame to earn your first commission is within the first two weeks.

If you're not confident that you have the ability to earn in this program in the first two weeks than option 1 would be the best choice.

Is it possible to earn the first month of subscriptions just starting out?




Is Earn Easy Commissions A Scam?


There is nothing to indicate that this program is a scam.

The owner Chuck Nguyen is a reputable affiliate marketer with industry experience and passes on a great deal of knowledge within his training.

I believe that it's an affordable price point to upgrade to VIP Partner of a one-time payment of $750.

The training that you receive in the VIP Partner Digital Elite Membership Page is amazing for it's price value. It will certainly provide you with all of necessary skills to become a better affiliate marketer.

The layout and structure is a bit hard to follow at first and you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the 20 courses that are provided but I suggest going through these courses first;


1) Product 1: Traffic Generation Kickstart

2) Product 2: Email Marketing Kickstart

3) Product 3: 30 Days Extreme Traffic

4) Product 8: Listbuildomatics

5) Product 14: The Affiliate Challenge


After you have completed those five courses then work your way though the rest of the 15 courses available within the VIP Partner Digital Elite Membership Page.



My First Month Testing This System and My Results


As I am promoting more offers that just this program checkout my case study on how I earned over $1000 in my first month with little to no effort using a combination of free and paid traffic sources.

Now I'm looking to scale and improve upon my results because now I know it works!!!


Checkout My Indepth [CASE STUDY] Here



Earn Easy Commissions Verdict


This system is very newbie friendly. The testimonials and income proof on the Chuck's Mastermind Facebook Group page is enough to show that average people with little to no experience within the internet marketing niche are able to achieve results with this system just starting out.


The website is very transparent as as the name suggests you're able to earn easy commissions.




Before You Leave

Leverage from my success and get these amazing bonuses for joining today!


[BONUS #1] Access to the LOWENARMY Facebook Group for Additional Training & Support.


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[BONUS #5] Access to 3 Additional Facebook Ads.


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Why not give the Earn Easy Commissions a test run for yourself?

It's free to join...



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