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EEC Case Study

Earn Easy Commissions Case Study – The Website That Made Peter Lowen $1503.36+ In Commissions In His First Month.


Earn Easy Commissions is a 100% Free Done-For-You Profit System that was created by Chuck Nguyen from Melbourne, Australia.

Peter Lowen joined the program in late February 2018 and this is the results from a full months worth of promoting this system from the 25th March 2018 to 25th April 2018, using a collection of free and paid traffic methods as taught in the EEC system.


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The focus for the month is to drive as much traffic as possible to the EEC system link, in order to get as many subscribers to opt-in to the Email Autoresponder and to convert those leads into sales.


Budget & Commitment


The starting budget for this month was $500.

I was committed to 2 hours a day to work on promoting this system.


Traffic Sources


During this month I focused on two main sources of traffic;

1) FREE Traffic from Facebook Groups.

Joined12 groups that were related to advertising affiliate marketing offers.

Removed myself from 8 that weren't converting well and added myself to 10 more towards the end of the month.

Tested the Facebook ads that were provided by Chuck within the Earn Easy Commissions website and I did notice that there were other EEC Members promoting the same Facebook Ad.

So instead I created 3 brand new Earn Easy Commissions Facebook adverts and they converted better within the Facebook Groups.

There was more engagement with my own Facebook adverts.

Shared the 3 adverts to my LOWENARMY Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group for other members to test.

Created a "Copy & Paste" method Facebook Ad Post that converted very well.

Shared to the LOWENARMY Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group and others experienced outstanding results from the advert.


Viral Facebook Post


2) PAID Traffic from Soloads.

Soloads where purchased from:

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads10dollarsoloads banner

Traffic For Me


Tracking Links


For every link that was created it was tracked for conversions through Clickmagick.
If you're not tracking your links then you've got no idea where your traffic is coming from and no idea what advertising campaigns are successful or failures.
I highly recommend that you get your copy today!



Soloads were tracked through the Soloads Tracking Sheet. Get your free copy here.


Soloads Tracking Sheet



What Was Done Differently


The EEC System Link (Landing Page/Squeeze Page) is controlled by Earn Easy Commissions and you're unable to add further tracking pixels to get the relevant data needed to successful track your traffic to your page.

Although this step is not required for Earn Easy Commissions, if you want better statistics than it would be suggested to create your own landing page/squeeze page so you can add your tracking pixels.

I also done split testing on the landing pages/squeeze pages that I created and also created two separate email list in my email autoresponder for Tier 1 traffic and global leads as you can then promote to the global audience with a different voice and offers for better conversions.


TIER 1 Traffic Landing Page/Squeeze Page




Global Landing Page/Squeeze Page





Can The Results Be Replicated Again?


Yes, just rinse and repeat!

The commissions that I received from Earn Easy Commissions was used once again through the month to purchase more Soloads to drive traffic to my EEC System Link. (Landing Page/Squeeze Page)

One of my #1 sources is UDIMI.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads


What Changes To Implement For The Future


  • Be more active on Facebook Groups. More regular posting to groups.
  • Remove groups faster that have no engagement and look for groups that do have great engagement.
  • Test new Facebook Adverts and track the results from other members of the LOWENARMY Group.
  • Get testimonials from LOWENARMY Group members from their results from the "Copy & Paste" method.
  • Stick to the same Soload vendors that convert and don't try vendors who have no results from other members or from testimonials.


Results Summary

For a 30 day period advertising the Earn Easy Commissions system I earned $1503.36 in paid commissions into my PayPal account.

Two of those sales were VIP Partner Commissions of $500.

I also earned commissions from promoting other offers in my email followup sequence as well as commissions from the recommended programs from being a EEC VIP Partner.


Earn Easy Commissions April Results

My email autoresponder received 1,598 subscribers for the 30 day case study period.




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