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Done For You Daily Emails: Do Your Customers Always Buy From Other Marketers But Never From You?



There are a few truths that online marketers who email daily to their email list know:

  1. The online marketers that are taking your sales are emailing their list daily.
  2. They can turn their email marketing campaigns from luke-warm contacts into new clients and customers.
  3. Are engaging with their list and encouraging them to interact, respond and click on links.


Daily Email


Become A Daily Online Marketer


Sending daily email can have a huge impact in increasing sales by getting your audience to know, like and trust you enough to make an informed buying decision.

If you've gathered a following of me than you'll already know that I'm a huge advocate for emailing daily.

And before you start yelling spammer. I've got huge news for you!

All of the top marketers are emailing their list daily using email marketing automation.

An unbelievable thing tends to happen when you start to email your list daily.


Send Emails Daily To Your Email List


Even if you're emailing them 2-4 times a day, if done correctly with the right email follow-up and broadcasting sequence in place, you'll find that;

  1. Your SPAM complaints will go down,
  2. You'll build a following of fans that will enjoy opening and reading your emails.
  3. Your list will be open to engage with you, click on your links and purchase your offers.
  4. People will be expecting you to show up in their Inbox each day. If you miss a day or your autoresponder goes down, you may even get a concerned subscriber or two sending you emails asking if you're ok!
  5. You'll build a connection with your mailing list faster and they'll feel like they've been a friend of yours for a long time the longer that they stay with you on your list and get to know you.

So how do we engage with our subscribers I here you ask?

By providing them with Infotaining daily emails.




If you haven't heard of Infotainment and how you can use it to grow a strong bond with your list, well I'm about to teach you my friend. It's a combination of information and entertainment that you can use to sell with storytelling.

Stories are an intrinsic part of our societies and culture and the influence of storytelling has been passed down through the ages.


Daily Emails


  • From The Caveman,
  • The Ancient Egyptians and
  • The Stories We Pass On To Our Children.

We can resonate with stories.

We can build a mental picture faster and see ourselves as part of the story and relate with the characters.

And of course, we can remember a story better than being hard taught something in an email.


How are you treating your list?


Are you providing your list with rehashed information that they can find simply by doing their own Google search, then why would they be interested in reading your emails?

If you've been teaching your best stuff in each email, are they going to be disappointed if they join your business opportunity or MLM business?

If you're jab, jab, jabbing and right hooking your subscribers then you're doing your list a disservice by not providing a solution for them straight away.

It would be like going to a doctor and telling them that you have flu really bad and the doctor provides you with a script to take to a chemist and you give the script to the pharmacist and they say to you;

"Well I'm going to provide you with all the information on all of the cold & flu medicines that we have on the shelf and how they can help you but... I'm not going to sell any of them to you today. Come back few days time!"

There is a saying in our industry "Facts Tell and Stories Sell".

Believe me you're leaving money on the table if you're not providing a link to your offer in each email.

This is why the “Money is in the list but the fortune is in the audience”.




Anyone serious about email marketing should be sending at least one email a day. But that’s not all. You should be selling in every email too.


  • Turn your email subscriber list into rabid buyers.
  • Grow a strong bond with your list by sending daily emails.
  • Pitch the right way in every email. (You're giving your list a disservice by not providing a solution to their problems.)
  • You've paid for your subscribers; don't let them forget about you!
  • If you're emailing your list once a week, once a month; your subscribers are likely to forget about you and hit the spam button.

Get your emails installed into your Autoresponder and hit the send button for you to make sure you never miss a mailing.




Hit The Professional Marketer Status With Our Done-For-You Daily Emails




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