Peter Lowen is an Entrepreneur,
Website Developer, and Author.

He whispered to failure; not today!

Peter Lowen

Hi, I’m Peter Lowen.

If you’re found your way on to the internet and stumbled upon my website it’s because you want to figure out how to become profitable in today’s online world, create more wealth, and build a freedom lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting the same results over and over and over again?

Have you ever asked yourself why individuals who have had a phenomenal education, that have degrees and they’re not doing very well???

While, others who have not seen the inside of a school are earning millions of dollars and building successful companies and providing back to their communities?

Have you asked yourself these questions? I have…

These where just some of the many questions that use to keep me up late at night!

Why would someone with;

  • Less Talent
  • Less Skill
  • Less Education

Be more successful than you?

Well today, I have have the answer for you…

You see these people have;

Acquired Leadership, Copyrighting, Marketing, Sales and Communication Skills.
Are COACHABLE and implemented everything that their MENTORS have taught them.

Surviving The Blunder Years

Peter Lowen

So, who is Peter Lowen?

I’m a GRINDER even from a young age.

If I wanted something I would go ALL IN and work towards my GOALS to achieve them.

I was born just outside of Perth, Western Australia to two wonderful parents Kim & Kym.

I grew up in an average household,
I went to an average school,
and I got an average education.

And I am blessed, I am humble and I’m grateful for all of the opportunities that LIFE has placed in front of me.

But from a young age I wanted more, to be more and to become MORE.

I wanted to provide not only for myself, my family, but also my friends and my community.

I had a purpose at a young age – I wanted to make it!

I had a passion to become a better person.

That anything that I wanted in life I was capable of achieving, only if I put my Mind, Body and Heart into it.

My Grandparents were great teachers and influence. Their core principals, guidance and experience gave me the building blocks to becoming successful in anything that I put my mind to.

At age 17, I use to walk 11kms every morning rain, hail or shine just to attend Basketball practice every morning.

Every Monday to Friday, I was the first on the court and last to leave. I was committed, ruthless and eager to perfect my skills.

I know that I am capable of achieving greatness and I believe YOU can achieve anything you set your mind too.

The LOWEN Mentality

Peter Lowen

The Lowen Mentality is the ability to to constantly strive to be the best version of yourself.

To aim to be better today than you were yesterday.

The biggest transformation appeared in my life when I read the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and implemented it’s teachings.

The book is the guide to the ultimate morning ritual and teaches how you start the day largely determines the quality of your day, your work and your life.

Within the first month of following a daily morning route, I secured a $63,000 consulting contract, got my book self-published and changed my whole circle of influence.

Suddenly the universe was presenting me with all of the right people and opportunities to take my life further.

Consuming books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki inspire to take action in business and in life.

Understanding the principals of the subconscious mind will unlock the wonderful, magical and transformational power that your mental and physical wounds are holding you back from succeeding in life.

All you have to do is unite mentally and emotionally with the good positive vibes, habits and creative powers of your subconscious will respond accordingly.

What you feed your mind in the way of ideas is what you become.
If you speak negative and be negative your outcome will always be: Negative!

So POSITIVELY Feed your mind, form great habits and your whole life will begin to change.

The Early Beginnings

Peter Lowen

So… Fast Forward to 2005.

I began my Multimedia Diploma year and started my first online business called Constructive Visual.

It was an advertising and marketing company that later pivoted into Website Design and Hosting.

In 2016, I found myself in a deadbeat job. It was just tiring, miserable and depressing.

Where each day the people around me were worried and scared who was going to be laid off next, made redundant or if they made only the most simplest of mistakes they would be FIRED!

This Scarcity Mentality was draining and taxing me every day and those negative vibes I was bring home to my family.

It took an out-of-line supervisor that targeted me and bailed me up in his office to go off at me about nothing work related for me to realize “What am I doing here?” this is not my FULL POTENTIAL.

So 8th April 2016, “I QUIT” my Warehouse Operator job and focused 110% on my Website Design and Hosting company.

My focus and drive was on SELF-IMPROVEMENT.

The Transformation

Peter Lowen

I have a Wife Jodie and two Kids, Kobe & Maddison.

So QUITTING my 9 til 5 job was a big deal for me.

Now, with my back against the wall it was time to start producing some RESULTS for my business.

I found it HARD to PUSH through the noise to be noticed online.

I wanted to 10x my income but I didn’t have the right SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE to pull it off.

I knew I was really way in over my head at this point and I NEEDED HELP.

So, I was in search for a MENTOR.

and… I Found One!

Like YOU I was in search for answers.

I wanted help and I needed help to drive traffic to my website and to learn how to create an insanely profitable and sustainable online business.

My WHY was now becoming a bigger purpose.

My WHY was my drive to be the BEST and to become a LEADER within my online space.

My WHY was greater than me and my family as I realized I had all of this information and potential that I could SHARE with the world.

In 2017, I started a new journey to help struggling Entrepreneurs find online success as I know first hand that you cannot go at this online journey alone…

A mentor bridges the gap between the years that it takes for you to reach your goals, to get some results fast.

You're probably wondering,
can Peter help ME?

Peter Lowen

The simple answer is: maybe.
It depends on how COACHABLE you are willing to be.

Who I Can Help

Driven and enthusiastic people who want to live a better life with a ton more freedom than what they have right now; people who are willing to put in the TIME and EFFORT to do the work.

Individuals and couples of all ages who are ready to make a difference in their lives. That are tired of the 9 til 5’s and are seeking the freedom and opportunity to build a successful online business.

That’s who I’m here to help: people like YOU who want to start a profitable online venture, but aren’t sure where to start. Have tried something and failed or are looking for a simple answer to what currently works.

I can help those who have a traditional business that would like to create an online business, existing online businesses that would like produce results in any niche, online marketers that would like to hit the leaderboards and people with an interest in starting an online business but don’t have any experience and not sure where to start.

What I Look For

So before you ask for help, make sure you need it.

Unlike most of the marketers out there who use hype and exaggerations to persuade you to pay them, I won’t try to “SELL” you on how you’ll change your life in a week or two by just writing me a check.

I’m not going to try and impress you with Lamborghini’s in my garage, private planes and expensive jewellery as all of those things I DO NOT HAVE and anyone in this world can spend a few thousand dollars on a Photographer, rent a fast car and organize a photo shoot on an airstrip.


I have purchased hundreds of online courses for many years now and I can spot online “Scam” from a mile away.

They’re usually the ones that have the bold promises that if you buy their program it’ll change your life in an instant and these one button rise to riches that just simply don’t work!

I’m looking for people who are committed to work only with the best people; people like you who are 100% serious about getting RESULTS, rather than more information.

So Let Me Ask You:
Do YOU Want A Change?

Peter Lowen

If so, and you’re tired of not living the life you really want, tired of being tied down to just one country, and tired of not having the time and freedom that you want, then let’s at least explore the possibility of working together.

Let’s Work Together and I’ll Help You Rise Above…