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I’m Peter Lowen, a Web Developer and Marketing Expert.

The fastest way of guaranteeing success with your online business is to work directly with a coach or mentor.

A mentor can help explain exactly what to do and how to do it in order to get results.

When flying solo, without a mentor, it’s simple to be working hard for little to no results, investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in time and effort for no return.

When working with a mentor, your fast tracking your success by leveraging the information and experience from your mentor who has already gone down the highs and lows paths and can guide you to success.

Getting a Facebook Marketing Mentor can be your answer to;

  • Identifying Your Target Audience.
  • Facebook Branding.
  • How To Generate FREE Targeted LEADS Daily.
  • How To Become The Attractor-Factor Online.
  • Storytelling Using Copyrighting Techniques.
  • Learn How To Handle Objections, Recognize Triggers and Close Sales.

Get Real Millionaire Mentoring and Learn Hot To Be The “ATTRACTOR-FACTOR” On Social Media

Get real millionaire mentoring with two of my mentors.

Our mentors will hold nothing back and teach you exactly how to generate targeted leads on a daily basis.

The group live training will teach you how to recruit people into any business, or to sell affiliate offers without having having to sound pitchy, salesly or having to try and hassle people into a sale.

My mentor shares his private strategy on how to recruit new reps into any business in as little as 6-45 minutes without spending any money on paid advertising.

Facebook Marketing Mentor

We Build High Converting Websites That Convert Traffic Into Sales

Constructive Visual was founded in 2005. The unique name came from day of writing down keywords on separate pieces of paper and matching them together to come up with a business name.

After playing with a few names, Constructive Visual was formed and the name worked perfect for a first business venture.

When Constructive Visual first started, we were an advertising and marketing company servicing clients in Western Australia and across the world.

We delivered everything from business cards, flyers and posters and then later pivoted into website design.
How We Pivoted Our Online Business Into Success

Designing websites was not initially on the plans when we first created the company as we felt a lot of people were offering this service, but not doing it well.

As the demand from our clients grew and the decline in advertising services fell in 2008, we made the decision to add website design as our main service to our clients.

To set ourselves apart, we focused on great quality service and experience for our clients. We make them apart of the design process by allowing private access to preview the construction of their website.

The most important service we added was web hosting, which gave us complete control to help our clients without having to contact and wait for a third party to make any changes to accounts.

Products that we currently offer are; Domain Names, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, SSL Certificates, WordPress Maintenance Plans, and Website Development.
How We Pivoted Our Online Business Into Success

We design websites for business owners, those who would like to run their own online store, would like to blog through WordPress, and MLM/Affiliate marketers that are selling online products.

We can work with you to develop a high converting sales funnel, email sequences and sales letters for your website.

You can register a domain name, select your hosting account and choose to design the website for yourself or hire us as your web developer.

Constructive Visual

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Build A Legacy & Leave Your Mark On This World!

Growing up I always wanted to be an Author.

To me, being an author shows a level of authority. This is where the learn, do, teach principal comes in, if you have something worth sharing with this world than it’s your obligated duty to complete what you set out to do!

It’s something that everyone wants to do but is often seen as a daunting, long winded task to complete. It can leave people second guessing their actions and questioning if their book will be read and liked at all.

When you shut out the noise and concentrate on the end goal, completing a book is a win worth crossing off on your bucket list.
Make Your Dreams A Reality

To write my first book, I got a coach and learned everything that I needed to do to get my first book to market.

The book is written, illustrated and self-published by me back in 2016.
My target audience was teachers and programmers with kids.

I promoted my book using free marketing strategies and got pre-sales through Facebook & LinkedIn and interest from teachers and principals from around the world.

The motivation for developing the book came from looking online and through my local library for a book that explained what I do as a web developer to my kids.

Now I have a tool to not only educate my kids but to also share my story as a website developer and my children get a kick out of the fun drawings.

Kids Who Learn Code

A Genius Way To Teach Kids How To Code A Website

I hope to inspire adults to get proactive with their child’s education as programming is being taught in school education programs at all age levels in many schools across the world.

Just by gasping the simple coding terms from this kids book can give your child the foundations to build their first website.

Give your kids a kick-start to learning their first programming language through this simple, easy and fun to read book.

Learning HTML can lead to a great career for boys and girls in the web development industry.

Kids Who Learn Code: HTML Websites – Author Peter Lowen. Available on Amazon.

Is Your Child Ready For The Coding Future?

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